First Eucharist

First Eucharist

   1.    Requirements

A.  Generally First Eucharist is received around 2nd or 3rd grade for those who have already been baptized. If the child has not been baptized, refer to RCIA for children and the recommendation of the D.R.E or, Deacon working in this area with the Pastor’s approval.

B. Students must have been enrolled and attending Religious Education Classes at least for one year prior to attending the sacramental class for First Eucharist.

–  Must have Baptism certificate on file [usually requested at the beginning of the RE year]

–  Must have a copy of a birth certificate on file [usually requested at the beginning of the RE year]

C. Students must have already been baptized. [Otherwise refer to RCIA for children guidelines]

D. Students must attend a regular Religious Education class and the sacramental classes.

– Sacramental Class for First Communion

-Spanish Class: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Saturday

– English Class: 6:30 – 8:00 PM Wednesday

  [Class Times may vary per year. We will update web site as new info is available]

E. Parents are responsible for making sure their children know the appropriate prayers prior to the sacrament. The teachers do not have time to cover these in the classroom. Students should learn and know the following prayers.:

– The Lord’s Prayer/Padre Nuestro

– The Hail Mary/Ave Maria

–  The Glory Be/Goria

– The Act of Contrition/Acto de Penetencia

– Begin learning the Creed [Must know by Confirmation]

F. Parents should pre-register students at the office.

– Baptismal Certificate and Birth Certificate for each child should be presented

– Registration Fee: The fee for registered members is $45 per child with a maximum of $120 per family and $55 per child for non-registered members with no maximum.

    2.    Celebration of First Eucharist

A. This is normally scheduled for the entire community during the month of May or  June, toward the end of the Religious Education Year which roughly corresponds to the Academic School year.

B. Parents normally contact the D.R.E. to inform them which Mass they normally  attend. First Eucharist is celebrated at all Masses during the select weekend.

C. There are no godparents or padrinos involved in the celebration of the First Eucharist. This is not within the liturgical guidelines of the Rites. Baptismal Godparents are welcome to attend and invited to give appropriate gifts to their godchild but are not involved specifically within the rite as such. [Appropriate gifts may include bible, rosary, saint’s medals, prayer books and cards, money with parental approval, candles, and the like but should not be extravagant in keeping with the simplicity of Christ himself.]

D. Carrying baptismal candles or tapers are not part of the Rite of First Eucharist.

E. Dress should be modest and appropriate church attire. Veils on girls are discouraged as this is not a wedding. Parents should not go out of their way to buy dresses or suits that would only be worn during this occasion. Any new clothing should be able to be worn for other formal occasions or for church wear. This is good stewardship and simplicity of lifestyle that our Lord practiced.

F. Normally a professional photographer is invited to take pictures although family members are invited as well. Please observe the proper decorum:

– Professional photographer will normally take a group photo. PLEASE ALLOW THE PROFESSIONAL TO TAKE PICTURE FIRST.

-Photographs may be taken during the ceremony but should not stop the liturgical action. There will be no paused photographs during the liturgy.

-The professional photographer will take a specific photo for the reception of the body and the reception of the blood of Christ which the pastor and Deacon give. This is set up on a one-at-a-time basis. Any other pictures should only be taken after the professional has taken the picture.

-The priest may stay for a few minutes for photographs after Mass but remember there is much work to be done to reset for the next Mass. After the 11:00 AM Spanish Mass please be cognizant of the fact that the priest has just celebrate 3 Masses in a row and needs rest.

G. Certificates for First Communion are given at the time specified by the Director of Religious Education. It may be during the reception or may be later.

3.    Stipends

A. It is customary to give a stipend to the clergy celebrating First Eucharist. This can be in the suggested range of $20 but parents/godparents may give more or less. No one should feel bad or stop their child from receiving due to lack of funds.

B. In addition to stipends the religious education department and parish would gratefully accept donations to defray any cost of the reception normally held afterward.