1. Requirements

A. Generally Confirmation is celebrated in 10th Grade with 9th grade being the first year of preparation. Students are required to have already been involved in at least one full year of regular Religious Education Classes prior to entering the Confirmation preparation.

– If a student has not received First Communion prior to Confirmation, refer to the RCIA for children guidelines.

-At the discretion of the Pastor, Baptism and First Communion may be prepared for through the RCIA process at the same time as Confirmation if there has been prior Religious Education courses actively attended or there are extenuating circumstances. These will be judged on a case by case basis.

– Adult Confirmation is generally handled through the RCIA process.

B.         Registration for Confirmation takes place during the normal registration times for all Religious Education Courses. Students must have the following on file:

– Baptism Certificate with notation of First Communion

– Birth Certificate

– Regular Registration Form

C.         Sacramental Class for Confirmation

– English: 11: 00 AM – 12:30 PM Sunday

-Spanish: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Saturday OR 8:30 – 10:30 AM Sunday

[Class Times may vary per year; we will update Website as information becomes available]

D.         By Confirmation time, Students should have learned all the prayers required at First Communion as well as the Nicene Creed (which we say at Mass) and the Apostles’ Creed (Which is used during the rosary). Confirmation is a basic living out of this creed and therefore appropriate that the students know and understand them. The focus and concentration of Year I is geared toward understanding the creed.

2.    Celebration of Confirmation


A.         Because the primary minister of Confirmation is the Bishop or local ordinary, Confirmation is scheduled through the bishop’s office and can come during any time of the year. Because adequate preparation time should occur prior to Confirmation And due to the bishop celebrating Confirmation on his own, the actual ceremony may not take place during the normal school year. There are several options for celebrating Confirmation:

– Students may make Confirmation during the normal scheduled Confirmation at our parish.

– With permission of the appropriate pastors, a student may join the celebration of another parish within the diocese or deanery.

– With permission of the diocesan director, students may celebrate Confirmation at one of the diocesan celebrations of Confirmation scheduled throughout the year.

– In cases of extreme urgency and with serious reason, as determined by the bishop, the pastor may request permission to receive the faculties to celebrate Confirmation at another time. [Normally this is granted rarely because the bishop wants to celebrate it himself and the students has a right to be confirmed by the bishop]

B.         Students and one parent are required to attend a rehearsal scheduled by the Director of Religious Education. Many of the questions people have will be answered during this rehearsal.

C.         The dress code will be given by the Director but normally modest Sunday attire will due if the clothes specified are not available or may financially cause problems. For boys a red tie (color of Pentecost), black pants, white shirt, and dress shoes would be appropriate if available. For girls , modest dress, no spaghetti straps, etc. would be appropriate.

D.         Normally a professional photographer is invited to take pictures although family members are invited as well. Please observe the proper decorum:

– Professional photographer will normally take a group photo. PLEASE ALLOW THE PROFESSIONAL TO TAKE PICTURE FIRST.

– Photographs may be taken during the ceremony but should not stop the liturgical action. There will be no paused photographs during the liturgy.

– The professional photographer will take a specific photo for the anointing by the bishop of each Confirmandi. This takes place fairly quickly and thus more than one photographer may be invited for this.

– The bishop may stay for a few minutes for photographs after Mass but remember that he may have other confirmations to celebrate that same day. Allow him to move freely and to leave when he needs to leave.

E.         Gifts for Confirmation students often need to be blessed. This is normally done by taking them to the room for the reception and leaving them all together. Either one of the deacons or the pastor will bless the gifts all together shortly after the group                                                   picture is taken. Please make sure to get them there as quickly as possible.

3.     Stipends

A.         As the normal celebrant of Confirmation, the bishop receives one stipend from the parish. Anyone wishing to donate toward the payment of this stipend may do so by giving the stipend to the pastor who will make sure it gets to the parish for payment via check to the Bishop.

B.         People may also wish to help defray the cost of the reception. Those donations are also welcome and should also be given to the pastor or the Director of Religious Education.